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Duration 4 days
Time from 09h00 - 12h30 & 13h30 - 17h00
Next training date 27/02; 23/05; 19/09; 5/12
Next training location Elewijt Center





Learning objectives

  • Keep abreast of all the latest trends and techniques;
  • Deepen and broaden knowledge;
  • Gain an overview of what experts and other CISOs consider to be best practice;

Are you a busy CISO and find it challenging to keep up with all the new trends? Or have you recently been trained in the subject matter and find yourself lacking clarity regarding the trends? DPI has the training for you that will keep you ‘on track: Stay Tuned as a CISO.

This formula* offers the ideal opportunity to stay up-to-date as a CISO constantly. Each quarter, during this training, we continue to build upon two CISO modules from DPI’s certification path in light of current events. With this subscription formula, you get four training days in one year. During each training day, we zoom in on two topics that are current trends in the world of IT security.

The instructors for Stay Tuned are carefully selected by DPI based on their expertise and didactic talents.

With Stay Tuned as CISO, we are building on our CISO certification training. We zoom in on the various modules covered in this training, specifically:

  • First Quarter
    • Security Governance & Compliance
    • Security Architecture
  • Second Quarter
    • Secure System Acquisition & Development
    • Security Operations
  • Third Quarter
    • Threat & Vulnerability Management
    • Leadership
  • Fourth quarter
    • Stay updated on regulations, digital trends, and threat landscapes
    • CISO case study

CISO, stay tuned, is not a course for beginners. We build on the knowledge acquired in the CISO certification training. Each domain is further explored based on the very latest trends, threats and best practices.

Why take this training?

  • You have completed the CISO training (or equivalent through experience), but are interested in more;
  • You don’t have the time to follow all the important developments yourself;
  • You wish to be constantly updated on what is going on in the world of CISOs.

Target group

This course is aimed at CISOs. Participants in this course should have at least a basic understanding of the main principles in the domains cited above, as covered in the CISO certification course.

Learning Objectives

  • Keep abreast of all new trends and techniques;
  • Deepen and broaden knowledge;
  • Gain an overview of what experts and other CISOs perceive as good practices;

Our didactic approach to this training

This training takes place in a training room in a hotel.

Each training day is taught by at least two speakers and a moderator. Each speaker is a top expert in his or her field.

There is interaction with the group during the training.

Each trainee receives a printed version of the training materials with space for taking notes. In addition, the information (including the recordings) is made available in a digital learning platform. For all knowledge items, the instructor refers to real-life examples.

Final product

This training does not include an exam. The student will receive a certificate of attendance after the training.

How to prepare yourself

Prior knowledge: CISO certification or equivalent.

You do not need to prepare anything before this course except for a refresher on the key fundamentals in the areas to be covered.

It is possible to forward questions in advance. These will be addressed during the training to the extent possible and consistent with the format.

For more info on our instructors, please click here.
Our CISO advisor board members are listed here.

*Subscription Stay Tuned as CISO

This formula entitles you to four one-day trainings, to be followed in four consecutive quarters in English at Elewijt. This subscription is tacitly renewed after one year unless the holder proactively stops it at the latest one month before the end of the subscription.

Session Q2 2024

23th May- Elewijt


This session (delivered in English) is crucial for CISOs as it offers hands-on application of threat modeling to AI systems, addressing unique security challenges, and provides updates on legal obligations and methodologies to develop robust, threat-informed cybersecurity strategies. This equips CISOs to enhance organisational resilience against evolving cyber threats.


Part  1 – Hands-On Threat Modeling Workshop  (9h-12h)

By Sebastien Deleersnyder, CTO Toreon, Threat Modeling trainer 

Within the first 30 minutes, we dive into practical exercises. Each table, seating groups of four, will be equipped with 3M flip charts and markers for collaborative work. 

Our case study involves MammoDetectAI, a fictitious AI tool for mammogram analysis. This scenario allows us to explore threat modeling on an AI system designed to detect early signs of abnormalities by comparing mammograms. 

We’ll start with a brief Threat Modeling refresher, covering the DICE framework: Diagramming, Identification of threats, Countermeasures, and Evaluation.  

Following that: 

  • Introduction to the MammoDetectAI scenario. 
  • Brainstorming ‘doomsday’ scenarios and discussing their implications. 
  • Sketching out MammoDetectAI’s data flow diagrams and reviewing these visual representations. 
  • Identifying potential threats, focusing on AI-specific security concerns with guidance from https://owaspai.org/. 
  • Discussing these threats in detail, reviewing countermeasures and evaluating our threat modeling approach. 
  • Concluding with insights on applying threat modeling effectively in a CISO role. 


Part 2 – Legal and regulatory update for CISOs (13h-14h) 

by Thomas Van Gremberghe, Agoria


Part 3 – Build your Threat-Informed Cybersecurity Program  (14h-17h) 

By Kevin Holvoet, Threat Research Centre Lead at CCB/CyTRIS, SANS FOR578 CTI Certified Instructor 

In this workshop, we will initially explore the fundamentals of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), covering what constitutes effective CTI, the process of assembling a proficient CTI team, and the various ways in which intelligence practices can bolster your organization’s security posture. During the latter half of the session, participants will collaboratively design a cybersecurity strategy informed by threat intelligence. This involves starting with the creation of a high-level threat model for our organization, then progressing through the stages of the intelligence lifecycle to ultimately develop a comprehensive, threat-informed cybersecurity framework. 

Our case study centers on Radiant Diagnostics, a leading healthcare technology company at the forefront of providing advanced diagnostic solutions, with a particular emphasis on mammogram analysis and comprehensive medical imaging. Radiant Diagnostics is renowned for creating cutting-edge applications such as MammoDetectAI, and it possesses numerous components within its infrastructure that could potentially attract cybercriminals. This session aims to identify potential threats to Radiant Diagnostics and devise strategic defenses to mitigate these risks. 

Session Q3 2024

19th September – Elewijt

Session Q4 2024

5th December – Elewijt

Session Q1 2025

13th February – Elewijt

Session Q2 2025

20th May – Elewijt

Session Q3 2025

18th September – Elewijt

Session Q4 2025

2nd December – Elewijt



VAT exclusive

The price is for 4 sessions in total and includes lunch, coffee, refreshments and course materials at each session.

SME Portfolio - higher intervention for CYBERSECURITY theme: 45% for small and 35% for medium enterprises.

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  • “The Stay Tuned program is a good follow-up and a complement to the training.A recommended alternation with a lot of variety: different cases and declarations are covered. It’s very varied and interesting.

    When you go home, you always have a list of things to do and this usually results in a notice.

    It takes you out of practice for a few days a year and brings you back to theory, other people, other ideas, other points of view.”

    Luc Seyssens

    Information Technology Program Manager

  • “The Stay Tuned program is important for the renewal of the DPD certificate.

    It offers a combination of different factors, a chance to refresh one’s own experience, to start gaining more experience, to get up-to-date information. If there are new points of attention, we respond to them; we adapt to reality, to current events.”

    Christophe Veyer

    Data Protection Officer

  • “You can work with lots of other people at Stay Tuned; there are always other people around.

    I’m particularly interested in legal bases, legality and the public interest.As a DPO, you need to be aware of current developments, and these are covered here.”

    Anja De Greve

    Data Protection Officer

Annual subscription






Stay Tuned as CISO

27/02; 23/05; 19/09; 5/12

Elewijt Center

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    Our courses are accredited for the KMO-portefeuille. This means that, depending on whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise, you can receive a 30% or 20% subsidy from the Flemish Government on the cost of registration.

  • Legal points Order of Flemish Bars

    If you submit an individual training file to the Order of Flemish Bars and Law Societies, you can give it 6 entitlement points per day as part of general training.

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