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As a marketeer, you are regularly confronted with many GDPR aspects such as the lawfulness of processing personal data, when consent is required, for how long a period to store customer data, what with cookies, etc. You want to dive deeper into the practical aspects of the GDPR in order to be able to apply the regulation in your daily practice as a marketeer. You want to understand the data privacy pitfalls you might encounter as a marketeer.

We developed an online, self-paced training programme with our teacher Herman Maes, that is offered via our partner BossData Academy.

This course is aimed at marketeers who are confronted with data privacy in their daily professional lives, and who have experience in a marketing environment. Participants in this training must have at least a basic knowledge of the basic principles of the GDPR, as covered in the DPO introduction training.

Learning objectives
  • Understand the impact of GDPR on marketing.
  • Understand the processing of personal data in connection with marketing activities.
  • Know the GDPR and all its obligations for the marketer.
  • Understand the GDPR basics that are important in a marketing environment, such as: consent, transparency, data minimisation, storage limitation, technical and organisational measures, data subjects’ rights.
  • Understand the use of cookies.
Didactic approach and features of the course
  • 12 Up-to-date video lessons
  • Interim quizzes
  • 1 Large final assignment
  • Including improvement keys
  • Ready to use
  • Study at your pace
  • Blended Learning
  • Practice-oriented
    No prior knowledge required
  • 1 year access to video course
  • For any type of organisation
  • Alumni network


We offer you the opportunity to follow an online version of the course “Ask the Expert – Marketing GDPR”, which was previously offered as a live course. This online course can be followed at your own pace, within a time frame of your own choice. The online course is organized in a collaboration with BossData Academy.

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Stay informed via our newsletter

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