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Duration 1 day
Time from 09h00 - 12h00 & 13h00 - 17h00

Our teachers for the training: Accelerating Business with Data





Accelerating Business with Data raises ‘Data awareness’ levels of business teams & leaders. You’ll learn how to capitalize on Data and make it work for you(r organization).

Do the below questions sound familiar?

  • I know we need to work on our ‘Data.’ How do I get started?
  • What opportunities are we missing from Data, from operational to top management?
  • We’re dealing with multiple challenges. How many are caused by or solved with our Data?
  • I hear a lot about Big Data/Data Analytics/Data Science/AI/Machine learning. Is my organization ready for it?
  • We see our competitors are using some form of data technology. How can we leverage Data for a competitive advantage?

Our partner for this training is Data Trust Associates, a Data management firm with deep expertise in guiding and implementing Data Management and Data Compliance projects. 

Main benefits 

  • Acquire the building blocks to solve both long-term and immediate business challenges and pursue business opportunities that clever use of Data makes possible.
  • How and when to use innovative Data solutions such as Data Analytics/Data Science/Machine Learning/AI/…
  • Understand the meaning of a ‘Data-centric organization’
  • Give yourself a competitive edge and get everyone working in the same, Data-centric direction
  • Allow for more efficient and effective Data solutions that are genuinely understood and wanted by the business
  • Access to our tried-and-tested 6-step Data method for unlocking value from Data


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What to expect 

Learning goals
  • How to distinguish between Data and information
  • How to understand and capitalize on the value of Data and information through examples and use cases
  • What is it, and how do you put your company on the path to becoming Data-centric?
  • Why Data and Data-centricity aren’t just for IT or Data people, i.e., how business teams play a crucial role in Data-centric solid organizations
  • The proprietary 6-step method and how to deploy it to solve Data-related bottlenecks and other problems in your business, using relevant use cases and hands-on exercises tailored to your situation
  • How to recognize excellent and lousy Data Quality and how to tackle this
  • What are standard Data capabilities and services like Data governance, APIs, Data catalogs, self-service BI, Big Data stores, IoT, streaming Data, and Data science? How do I use them?
  • The basics of Data architecture and its different components, from platforms and Data sources to how Data can be accessed efficiently
  • How to make the most of your Data team and its services
  • What is your role in a Data-centric organization?


  • A quality buffet lunch, snacks, coffee and drinks
  • A booklet of course material handouts
  • A cheat sheet with a proven Data Governance methodology
  • Exercises to work on during and after the class



This training is given by Christoph Balduck, a long-time DPI teacher and a co-founder and partner of Data Trust Associates.

Christoph has over a decade of experience overseeing the implementation of medium to large-sized Data transformation projects.

In giving this course, he hopes to spare you from making mistakes often seen in such programs.

Click here for more information about our teachers.

Target Group 

If you’re looking for an excellent primer on Data or looking for a way to put your entire organization on the same wavelength, this course is for you.

Business leaders: “We have a data team, but I have no idea what they do or how they can help me.”

Data leaders: “We create great Data solutions, and we have many services to offer, but the business doesn’t seem interested.”

Typical profiles include:

  • Company executives
  • Data-savvy Business People
  • IT team leads
  • Developers
  • Freelancers
  • Product managers
  • Process & business analysts
  • Management consultants

What will the course look like? 


We recommend the in-company formula for most organizations that are looking to get serious with Data and include it in their corporate strategy. Before an in-company training, we assess your needs and tailor the training to your goals.


Book A Call

Get on a short call with the trainer to discuss in-company course content, pricing, and specific needs. 


Live in-group

We recommend our in-group training for organizations still in the discovery phase or individuals wanting to increase their data knowledge for career gains.

The group size is kept to 20 people simultaneously for maximal interactivity and to allow for many questions.


Day 1


  • Getting to the bottom of ‘data’ and ‘information’. How are they different? What value do they represent for organisations? We’ll look at some examples and uses cases to make it tangible.
  • What is a data-centric organisation, and how do you become one? We’ll look at the value of data centricity and the crucial role that business teams play in high-functioning data-centric businesses.


  • Introduction to the 6-step method and data management.
  • Understanding and applying Steps 1 and 2 through practical use cases and hands-on exercises.


  • More on the 6-step method and data management.
  • Understanding and applying Steps 3 through 5 through practical use cases and hands-on exercises.


  • Understanding and application of Step 6 through practical use cases and hands-on exercises.
  • Learning the basics of data architecture and its different components, from platforms and data sources to how data can be efficiently accessed.
  • Getting to know common data and data services and how to make the most of them and your data team.




VAT exclusive

Lunch, coffee, refreshments and course material included.

SME portfolio Flanders - higher subsidy for theme CYBERSECURITY: 45% for small and 35% for medium-sized enterprises.

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  • “Past participants testify to a significant uptick in their company’s business resource efficiency and satisfaction due to more insightful use of data and reports and innovative perspectives.”

  • “In order to promote data-driven work in Sint-Niklaas, we organized the training courses ‘Solving Business Problems with Data’ (current Accelerating Business with Data) and ‘Data Governance’ together with Data Trust Associates. Colleagues from various domains took part and were enthusiastically taken on board. A first result is that we have defined roles and responsibilities within our organization.”

    City of Sint-Niklaas

We are recognized by:

  • Registration number KMO portefeuille: DV.O213013

    Our courses are accredited for the KMO-portefeuille. This means that, depending on whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise, you can receive a 30% or 20% subsidy from the Flemish Government on the cost of registration.

  • Acknowledgement by Chèque-Formation

    The training voucher allows you to benefit from financial aid to train your workers in one of the approved training centres. Worth 30 euros, it corresponds to 1 hour of training per worker.

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