• Certification

    After completing a Certification course, you will be able to demonstrate having achieved the learning goals of the training. This will give you access to new functions and roles in the field of data security.

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  • Practitioner

    Our Practitioner courses are designed to help specific business roles apply data protection and data security in their daily activities. For example, software developers, software architects, incident responders, and security professionals who create or update threat models.

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  • Learn from the biggest data security experts

    All our data security training courses are given by the greatest experts with years of experience in the application of data security in the workplace. As qualified teachers they know exactly how to convey complex issues in a practical and efficient way. Both to beginners and advanced students.

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  • Do you want to connect with like-minded people?

    Besides being a training company, the Data Protection Institute is a community of professionals sharing knowledge about data protection, data security, and data management. We regularly organize events that give you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and broaden your network.

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  • Do you want to optimally manage the cyber risks in your organization?

    Data Protection Institute offers several training courses in which you will learn to identify cyber and information security risks and translate them into an effective data security management plan.

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