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  • “The DPO course is a compulsory component for our DPO consultants. The instructors work in various sectors. This DPO course allows us, in turn, to assist other companies.”

    Philippe Kimpe

    Unifiedpost Group

  • “DPI’s in-house course teaches our developers all they need to know about privacy by design.”

    Christophe Veyer

    ZF Group

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About Data Protection Institute

Practice-Oriented Training Courses

The Data Protection Institute courses are practice-oriented and high quality and are given by professionals with more than 10 years’ experience in data protection and information security.

Alumni events

Two professionals with ‘a story’ are invited to our three-monthly privacy café where we enjoy a drink together. Participation is free.

Who is Data Protection Institute?

Established in 2012, DPI has enthusiastic employees with a clear mission: to train DPOs. We have a passion for teaching and just one objective: to provide good lessons with thematic content and practical exercises.

Experienced teachers

All courses are given by professionals experienced in the application of data protection legislation and regulations in their day-to-day activities.

In addition to their professional knowledge, our teachers also have the necessary educational skills. They have the qualifications to teach participants, at every level, detailed knowledge of data protection.

Focus on practical applications

Our instructors like to tell anecdotes to make the courses more interesting. Their many years of experience means they are able to link theory to practice. DPOs or privacy professionals are therefore able to instantly use the content in their organisation or company.

The course material is customised and we manage the content ourselves, which means we’re able to respond to practical needs and integrate the required educational aspects.

What is the GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and concerns data protection and privacy.

Our courses teach participants how to deal with the data protection challenges of today and tomorrow. DPOs, Data Protection Officers, form a specific target group for our training. In some cases, companies are required to appoint someone to monitor the protection of personal data.

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Stay informed via our newsletter

Stay connected with our latest news, offers and available training.