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Want to have an insight in the daily well-prepared as a DPO in the face of the growing impact of AI in our daily lives and? Then the Privacy Café is the place to be!

2 fascinating speakers, then drinks with DPOs from different sectors – that’s the Privacy Cafe.

In March, we’ll be opening our café at the foot of the Butte du Lion de Waterloo.


Isabelle Vereecken (EDPB)

We’re honored to begin our evening with Isabelle Vereecken, head of the EDPB Secretariat. Isabelle, who leads a team of experts in law, technology and communications, will reveal the keys to the EDPB’s recent report on the coordinated implementation framework, focusing on Data Protection Officers (DPOs). Her presentation will shed light on the challenges faced by DPOs and highlight the national and international implications, offering a unique perspective on data protection.


Jérome Debie & Gwenaëlle Detroux (Privanot) – Code of conduct: from drafting to implementation within the notarial profession

We are delighted to invite you to a session focusing on the adoption and implementation, within the notariat, of a “Code of Conduct” as provided for by Article 40 of the RGPD.

On the agenda:

The notariat’s compliance with the RGPD: by way of introduction, Privanot will present the various initiatives taken by the notariat to comply with the RGPD, such as the creation of a mutualized DPO service for notarial offices as well as the adoption of the first Code of Conduct (Art. 40 of the RGPD) in Belgium.
Why a Code of Conduct? After a brief review of the relevant regulations, a member of Privanot’s legal team will explain why the adoption of such a code was imperative, how it was drawn up and how it was officially adopted in collaboration with the Data Protection Authority.
Impact on notarial practice and controls: Privanot will then present the concrete implementation of the Code of Conduct within notarial offices, and the process for monitoring compliance with it.
Raising awareness: Privanot will also discuss the obstacles she has encountered in the field, and the solutions that have been put in place to raise awareness in notarial practices.
Conclusion and outlook: Finally, Privanot will take stock after 5 years of applying the Code of Conduct and discuss current initiatives, including cybersecurity.


Program :

5.30pm: Welcome

6.15pm: Introduction

18.30h : Isabelle Vereecken (EPDB)

19.15h : Break

7.45pm : Jérome Debie & Gwenaëlle Detroux Privanot

20.30h -22.30h  :The bar is open




Brasserie Le Wellington, Route du Lion 1815, 1410 Waterloo


Formulaire d'enregistrement Privacy Café 19 mars 2024

Formulaire d'enregistrement Privacy Café 19 mars 2024

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