In an era where technology and law are constantly intersecting, the colloquium “At the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection and Corporate Law” is an unmissable event for professionals. The event, scheduled for Feb. 2, 2024, offers an in-depth look at the complex interaction between AI, privacy regulation and business law.

From 1pm to 6pm, participants can attend the event live at the IMEC Auditorium in Leuven, or choose the streaming option. This provides a flexible participation option for interested parties worldwide.

The program covers a range of exciting topics, including the distinction between data science, machine learning, generative AI, and the impact of the GDPR on these technologies. Key topics such as the duty to protect personal and corporate data, AI in court, and the development of AI policies for businesses will be covered in depth.

An impressive list of speakers, including

  • Max Schrems from OYB
  • Klaas Ghesquiere, DPO at IMEC
  • various experts from academia and law, will share their insights
    • Jan De Bruyne
    • Peter Bossier
    • Thomas Van Gremberghe
    • Maarten Herbosch
    • Philippe Baeten
    • Kathleen Van Havere
    • Geneviève Vanderstichele
    • Annelien Verschaeve
    • Anne-Marie Witters

This event is especially relevant for counsel, judges, clerks, lawyers, DPOs, CTOs, ICT experts, accountants, and professionals from technology-inspired companies.

Participation costs €150, with the possibility of accreditation through the Institute for Judicial Education for judges in corporate matters.

Register at or via the Participation form. This colloquium promises to provide an in-depth and enriching experience for anyone involved in the intersections of AI, data protection and corporate law.

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