What keeps you awake at night as a DPO? The buzz among our Stay Tuned alumni is mostly about cameras!

Cameras have become part and parcel of our daily lives and are in the news almost every day now. On the one hand, they make us feel safer, but on the other hand, they make constant monitoring possible of our daily movements, which affects our privacy significantly. A considerable task for you as DPO!

In our next Stay Tuned workshop of Q3 2023, we will zoom in on a realistic situation of a company wishing to install cameras for various purposes. For example, they want to mount surveillance cameras both inside the building and outside on the street side, monitor employees at the checkout counters, secure access to certain premises through iris scanning, and monitor the underground car park through ANPR registration plate recognition.

With these examples, we will establish a link with the different legislations that mention cameras, such as the GDPR, the framework law of 30 July 2018, the “cameras” law, CLA No. 68, the regulation on security agents and access to images by the police.

Finally, we analyse how the persons affected can exercise their rights appropriately.


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