Auditor Certification Training

Compliance with the accountability obligation of the GDPR is still a challenge for many organizations. How can you convince your management, shareholders, customers or possibly the data protection authorities that all administrative obligations of the GDPR are correctly implemented in your organization? Measurement is knowledge: an audit is therefore an excellent answer to this question.

This training consists of various parts.

  • Module 1 (first two days) consists of a brief overview of what types of audits there are and what they entail. We also take a closer look at some management systems that you can use in your GDPR audit.
  • In Module 2 during the next two days we will show you how to perform an audit. We base this on ISO 19011 and simulate through role plays and practical exercises how an auditor prepares, conducts, and completes an audit.
  • Module 3 on day 5 lets us take a closer look at audit norms and standards, such as ISO 27701, BS10012 and BC5701 and how you can use them in your own audit.
  • The last module spans 3 days and includes a hands-on audit in a real company. You will learn in practice how to prepare an audit, perform a gap analysis and create an audit report. You will be constantly supervised by real auditors and will receive personal feedback from them. This hands-on audit can be carried out in your own organisation or in an organisation suggested by the teachers.


Are you a DPO, an internal or external auditor or do you want to further improve your advice for customers? Do you need guidance for a GDPR audit? Do you want to assess processors on their GDPR compliance or do you want to carry out external audits? Then this training is for you! GDPR knowledge is required for this training.

More info: Data Protection Auditor Certification Training – Data Protection Institute (