What do beer, artificial intelligence and data protection have in common? Moderator Tim Verheyden challenges three panel members with completely different backgrounds, but with the same passion for beer, during the DPI Privacy Café. This edition of the Belgian Beer and Privacy Café is a side event to the CPDP conference (15th edition with as theme “Data Protection and Privacy in Transitional Times”) and will take place on May 23 at Area 42, Paleizenstraat/Rue des palais 46, 1030 Brussels, and this from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

After we were forced to close our cafe for a while because of Corona, we carefully restarted our Privacy Cafés at the end of last year. We will continue with the same momentum this year and are pleased to announce our next Privacy Café, which will be entirely devoted to Belgian beer and will be organized as a side event of the CPDP conference in Brussels on Monday, May 23, 2022. Due to the international conference taking place at the same location, our Privacy Café will also be held in English.

The café opens its doors at 6:30 pm with a snack and a drink with a special focus on some of our best Belgian beers. The panel discussion will start at around 20:00.

Moderator Tim Verheyden, journalist at VRT NWS and well-known reporter at Pano and Canvas, interviews 3 panel members with completely different backgrounds but with the same passion for beer, which undoubtedly will guarantee some interesting discussions.

What does beer actually taste like? After all, the basis of beer is … water. However, beer does not smell or taste like water at all. Hops, yeast and malt are the classic ingredients, and any additions can range from fruits to spices. Other factors also play a role in determining the taste of beer, such as fermentation temperature, storage conditions, consumption temperature, etc. Belgium is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to brewing beer, with a long history and a cultural commitment to the craft. As a writer, master beer sommelier and jury member of the World Beer Cup, Sofie Vanrafelghem will teach us how to taste beer.

Is it a brilliant idea to use Artificial Intelligence to improve beer production and taste? Brewing beer is an art and a science, and AI lends a helping hand in both domains. Consumer data is increasingly being captured via apps to offer services such as prediction models based on machine learning. After all, based on this data, a company can better predict how many people will like a particular wine or beer. Beerhive is a perfect example of this. This app brings order to the messy world of beer through taste data intelligence. Beerhive founder Jan Paesen will explain how consumer data helps to produce a good beer.

The spread of Artificial Intelligence and profiling in the beer industry forces us to think about how we can and should handle these data correctly. Embedding digital ethics at the start of the design process is essential here. The role of the DPO in this process should therefore not be underestimated. Additional development time is therefore required to obtain, analyze and implement the DPO advice. Simplifying this design process by Legal by Design can certainly help. Giorgia Vulcano, Global Ethics Manager and Data Protection Advisor at AB Inbev, one of the world’s largest beer producers, will explain how Legal Design can help in making data privacy-proof beer.

For more information, visit https://www.cpdpconferences.org/side-events or visit our website Privacy Cafe (more info about the next Privacy Café of 23 May coming soon).

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