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Are DPOs happy in their job?

On 25 May, our Privacy Café will be hosted at the DPO DAY taking place in Brussels at VBO-FEB, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the general application of the GDPR in the EU.
The programme of the DPO DAY, organized in a collaboration between dpo pro, VBO-FEB, ISACA Belgium and Data Protection Institute will dive into the question « Are DPOs happy in their job? ». 

What is the situation of DPOs who are performing the duties of this relatively new function? What is their role exactly, how did it evolve, what are the past and future challenges, what does the future look like for DPOs? These are some of the main issues that will come up in the presentations and discussions.

In preparation of this DPO DAY, a general survey was launched with the collaboration of Thomas More, in which DPOs can share their views and experiences of the job. You can find the survey here.

Even if you are not attending the event, please do share your experiences if you are working as a DPO!



15.00 Welcome

15.30 Key privacy trends – Punit Bhatia (ISACA)

16.00 DPO role expectations – Leonardo Cervera Navas, Director at the EDPS

16.30 Panel discussion: the role of the DPO with Cédrine Morlière (President and Director at Belgian Data Protection Authority); Jolien Ghyselinck (Dotatiegerechtige instellingen van de Kamer); Saba Parsa (Lawyer & DPO certified, Lecturer, partner at Rawlings Giles Law Firm); Jacques Folon (Academic Director of DPO Certified trainings, GDPR senior advisor); Peter Van Rompaey (Data Protection Officer at ENGIE BU Benelux).

17.30 Networking Break

18.00 Privacy Café – Debate about DPOs, Privacy and Beer by Data Protection Institute.

DPI will close the DPO Day with a Privacy Café. During this event, we will look back on the past five years of GDPR and talk about the role of the DPO, the challenges we’ve overcome and how we are looking at the future of the DPO job.  We’ve invited several DPOs for this debate, along with other stakeholders who often work with DPOs.

During the debates, we will discuss the results of the big DPO survey and seek out the the challenges, as well as the dos and don’ts for DPOs in the next five years.

To add an extra festive touch to the evening, DPI will launch its Privacy Beer, that you will be able to taste, after our expert panellists will have given their tasting advice.

The panelists:

Stephanie Witters (Deputy DPO PZ Oostende), Iwona Muchin (DPO Ageas), Bart van Buitenen (DasPrivé), Jolien Ghyselinck (DPO Dotatiegerechtigde instellingen), Bert Verschelde (Director Privacy & Data Strategy at DPG Media), Klaas Ghesquiere (DPO IMEC), Wim Barthier (Security Officer at European Central Bank), Sebastien Van Koekenbeek (DPO Chamber of Representatives and Senate Belgium), Katrien Martens (Global Compliance Manager & DPO Barco).

The moderators:

Yung Shin Van Der Sype (Crowell), Christoph Balduck (DTA), Koen Mathijs (Brand Compliance)

We look forward to closing this exciting day for and by DPOs with a captivating panel discussion, together with the participants.

19.30 Networking Cocktail with the launch of DPI’s brand new PRIVACY BEER.

Registrations for DPI alumni are free of charge, but you can only register for the entire event (even if you will only attend the Privacy Café from 18.00 onwards. 

Programme and registrations: please go to the dpo pro website to book your ticket (bottom of the page). 



Panel discussion the DPO and the lines of defence


Yung Shin Van Der Sype (Crowell)

Christoph Balduck (DTA)

Koen Mathijs (Brand Compliance)


Stephanie Witters (Deputy DPO PZ Oostende)

Iwona Muchin (DPO Ageas)

Bart van Buitenen (DasPrivé)

Jolien Ghyselinck (DPO Dotatiegerechtigde instellingen)

Liesl Coryn (Group Privacy Manager SD Worx)

Klaas Ghesquiere (DPO IMEC)

Wim Barthier (Security Officer at European Central Bank)

Sebastien Van Koekenbeek (DPO Chamber of Representatives and Senate Belgium)

Katrien Martens (Global Compliance Manager & DPO Barco)


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