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Cette formation est donnée en anglais.

To kick the Certified CISO training programme’s first module off, we’ll start with the basics. That means explaining the difference between information security and cybersecurity. Because yes – there is a difference!

We’ll guide you through the process of defining, implementing, and managing an Information Security Governance Programme. That includes how to organise security, the various personnel involved, and their responsibilities.

You’ll get an overview of the fundamental laws, regulations, and standards that could or absolutely will affect your Security Governance Programme. If you plan to work for a multinational, knowing the ins and outs is essential for your strategic planning.

Some of the critical questions we cover include issues like:

    • How should you go about establishing and communicating policies, processes, and standards to form the basis of your security programme?
    • And how do you turn those things into an effective information security strategy, one that is actionable, measurable, and in line with your company’s corporate objectives?
    • Is a security awareness programme really that important?
    • And why do we do it all?
This training is taught in English. Check here to find out more about the content, planning and to subscribe.


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Schedule 2023






CISO M1: Security Governance and Compliance

6 march jusqu'a 7 march 2023


CISO M1: Security Governance and Compliance

20 september jusqu'a 21 september 2023


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