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Duration 1 day
Time from 09h00 - 12h00 & 13h00 - 17h00
Next training date 15 june until 15 june 2023
Next training location Van der Valk Hotel Ghent

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This training is taught in English.

During this training we will discuss the GDPR challenges in a marketing environment. The training is aimed at an audience that is familiar with the basics of the GDPR and wants to apply this knowledge in a marketing context.

Prior to the training, each participant is given the opportunity to forward questions or cases to the experts who will prepare this training (hence the reference in the title to ‘Ask the Expert’). The teaching material is prepared on the basis of the input and experience of the experts.

During the training we combine theoretical concepts with the application in practice. Through question-driven problems, the participants are challenged to come up with a ready-made (and especially GDPR-proof) answer to sometimes difficult marketing challenges. Together with the experts, they then look for a model solution for the problem presented.

Through this inductive learning method, we ensure that participants actively work with the teaching material. Thanks to the mutual exchange of knowledge with other participants and the experts, the participants raise their GDPR knowledge level to a higher level.

Why take this course?

  • As a marketeer, you are regularly confronted with many GDPR aspects such as the lawfulness of processing personal data, when consent is required, for how long a period to store customer data, what with cookies, etc.
  • You want to dive deeper into the practical aspects of the GDPR in order to be able to apply the regulation in your daily practice as a marketeer.
  • You want to understand the data privacy pitfalls you might encounter as a marketeer.

Target group

This course is aimed at marketeers who are confronted with data privacy in their daily professional lives. Participants in this training must have at least a basic knowledge of the basic principles of the GDPR, as covered in the DPO introduction training.

Learning goals

  • Understand the impact of GDPR on marketing.
  • Understand the processing of personal data related to marketing activities.
  • Know the GDPR role and obligations of the marketeer.
  • Understand the GDPR basics that are important in a marketing environment such as: lawfulness, consent, transparency, data minimization, storage limitation, technical and organizational measures, data subject rights.
  • Understand the use of cookies.

Educational approach of this course

This training is provided in English in a training center at a hotel.

This training is given by instructors who are experts in their field of expertise. The instructor provides the training based on a presentation. During the explanation, there is interaction with the group.

During the training, the participant will work with some practical cases based on real life marketing situations. The participant will learn how to put all theoretical concepts into practice and how to implement the GDPR in a marketing context. At the end a model solution will be discussed in the group.

Each participant receives a printed version of the training material with space for notes. In addition, the information is made available in a digital learning environment.

End product

The participant will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. This training does not entail any exams or official certification.

How to prepare yourself

This is a classroom-based, non-technical course. Bring something along (e.g., a laptop, notebook, tablet) to take additional notes.

Before the start of the course participants will receive access to the online learning platform. In preparation, the participant can consult the presentation material on this learning platform as an introduction.

Questions can be submitted beforehand. If possible, and in keeping with the scope of the course, they will be answered during the training.

Course prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of the GDPR.
  • Experience in a marketing environment.

Training outline

09h00 - 17h00
  • Impact of GDPR on marketing
  • Definition of processing personal data related to marketing activities
  • GDPR role and obligations of the marketeer
  • Identifying international data transfers
  • Relevant direct marketing legislation other than GDPR
  • GDPR basics important in a marketing environment such as: lawfulness, consent, transparency, data minimization, storage limitation, technical and organizational measures, data subject rights
  • The use of cookies
  • Case studies



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Ask the Expert: Marketing GDPR

15 june until 15 june 2023


Ask the Expert: Marketing GDPR

20 november until 20 november 2023


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